Content note: transmisogyny, police brutality, domestic violence

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This is the face of a newly-tattooed-and-still-incredibly-giddy-about-it genderqueer.


Big rant below.

Here’s another thing I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for awhile. Frankly, being trans* sucks.

Oh sure, I’m probably gonna hear some of that, “but you should love your body” bullshit, right? Fuck that noise, and do you know why? Because it’s really offensive to people who…

I’m pretty tired of seeing people hate on trans* people who come from the cosplaying and/or deviantart and/or anime communities and/or etc. etc. 

Sorry, no one gets to invalidate the identity of another person or group of people based on their interests, their history, their gender expression, or for any reason whatsoever. 

I don’t think such a thing as ‘The Trans Community’ exists. That’s not to say that trans* communities don’t exist, or that there aren’t networks of queer and trans* people; it’s simply to say that there is no monolithic, no standard, and no default trans* community that checks everyone’s papers to make sure they are actually trans* before they’re allowed access to support and club membership. 

Underpinning the derision aimed at trans* people who come from cosplay/deviantart/yaoi backgrounds is a suspicion, I think, that these people are faking it. Faking it maybe because being trans*, like being gay or bi or pan, is the new, cool thing to do? Because having to navigate a cis- and heterosexist world is nothing compared to all that cred you get for being trans* et al. And that might be an almost valid theory if there was any cred attached to being trans* - as opposed to reality, where trans* people are at an increased risk of homelessness and physical violence - not to mention the emotional and mental stresses associated with coming out. 

So I think we should really query where this suspicion is coming from and what purpose it serves. Because the crux of the matter is that you can not know another person’s identity unless they tell you - and even after they’ve told you, because identities are not these static, unidimensional things, you cannot assume that their past stated identification extends across time. 

It’s damaging and it’s cruel to deride another’s identity. A lot of queer/trans* people go through a lot of mental and emotional work to get to a point where they are capable of reaching out to other queer/trans* people. I can’t imagine the different trajectory my life might have been set on if 15 year old me was turned away from companionship, help and support because someone looked at my livejournal profile and saw that I read slash fanfic and liked yaoi manga. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I probably wouldn’t be here.

This rant’s getting out of hand, so let me finish with this: treat others the way you would liked to be treated. If someone says their identity is x, their name is y, and their preferred pronoun is z, then use x, y and z to refer to them. It won’t harm you, and you’ll have demonstrated to them that there are spaces where the entirety of their identity will be respected. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan